How to Delete a Remote Git Branch: A Step-by-Step Guide

Working with Git involves not just managing your local branches but also handling your remote branches, especially when collaborating in a team. Deleting remote branches is a common task in Git workflows, particularly after the completion of features or fixes.

Here’s a straightforward guide on how to delete a remote Git branch.

Understanding Remote Branch Deletion

When you push a branch to a remote repository (like GitHub or Bitbucket), it exists independently from your local branches. After merging a feature branch into the main branch, it's often good practice to delete the remote feature branch to keep the repository clean and organized.

The Command to Delete a Remote Branch

To delete a remote branch, you need to push a delete command to the remote repository. This is done using the --delete flag with the git push command. Here’s the basic syntax:

git push <remote-name> --delete <branch-name>
  • <remote-name> is the name of the remote repository. For most projects, this is usually origin.
  • <branch-name> is the name of the branch you want to delete.


If you want to delete a branch named feature-xyz from the origin remote, the command would be:

git push origin --delete feature-xyz

This command tells Git to delete the feature-xyz branch from the remote repository named origin.

Points to Remember

  • Ensure that the branch you are deleting is no longer needed by you or your team members. Once deleted, the remote branch cannot be recovered easily.
  • Deleting a remote branch does not delete the corresponding local branch. If you also want to delete the local branch, you will need to use a separate command (git branch -d <branch-name>) in your local repository.

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