How to Git Stash a Specific File: A Step-by-Step Guide

In Git, stashing is a handy feature that allows you to temporarily set aside changes that you're not ready to commit. But what if you only want to stash changes made to a specific file or directory?

Since Git version 2.13, this process has become more straightforward. Here's a look at how to git stash a specific file or path, along with an alternative method for older versions.

Stashing a Specific File or Path (Git 2.13 and Later)

From Git 2.13 onwards, you can stash changes in a specific file or directory using the git stash push command followed by the path you want to stash. Here's an example:

git stash push -m "Description of Stash" app/views/cart/welcome.html

In this command:

  • -m "Description of Stash": Allows you to add a message to your stash for easy identification later.
  • app/views/cart/welcome.thtml: This is the path of the file or directory you want to stash.

This method is straightforward and efficient, especially when you need to stash changes in just one or a few files.

Stashing a Specific File Using the Patch Option (Older Versions)

Before Git 2.13, or for more granularity, you can use git stash --patch (or git stash -p for short). This method is a bit more manual but offers more control:

1. Start Stash in Patch Mode:

git stash --patch

This command starts an interactive session where Git presents each "hunk" (or section of changes) to you.

2. Interactive Stashing:

  • When presented with a hunk from a file you don't want to stash, press n to skip it.
  • Press y when you encounter a hunk from the file you wish to stash.
  • To stash the current hunk and all remaining hunks in the same file, press a.
  • Once you've stashed the necessary changes, press q to exit and leave the remaining hunks unstashed.

This interactive approach isn't the most intuitive, but it's a powerful tool when you need precise control over what you stash.

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