How to Force "git pull" to Overwrite Local Files

Sometimes in Git, you might find yourself needing to completely overwrite local files with what's on a remote branch. This could be due to various reasons like needing to reset your project to a clean state, discarding local changes, or if your repository is out of sync with the remote. Here's how to safely force Git to overwrite local files.

Overwriting Local Files

Warning: This process will discard all your local changes. Any local commits that haven't been pushed will also be lost.
  • Fetch All Remote Branches: First, fetch all the updates from the remote repository:
git fetch --all
  • Hard Reset: Next, reset your local branch to match a remote branch:
git reset --hard origin/<branch-name>

Replace <branch-name> with the name of the branch you want to reset to. This command forcefully synchronizes your local branch with the specified remote branch, discarding any divergent local changes.

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